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Business friendly business architecture software

  • Unlike other complex business
    architecture software solutions,
    Capstera is an easy to use and intuitive
    business architecture tool

  • Capstera combines the best in class
    elements of business architecture
    and capability mapping without
    making it burdensome or

  • You can get started with Capstera
    immediately with a cloud based SAAS
    solution. However, if you need
    enterprise installation, Capstera can
    install behind your firewall

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Capstera is a capability mapping and business architecture
software With Capstera, crafting business architecture is a breeze


    Strategy and Business Motivation

    Leverage Capstera business architecture software to document the business strategy and motivation.


    Capability Budgeting

    Allocate budgets at a capability level and categorize spend into Run, Grow and Transform.


    Business Capability Mapping

    Use Capstera’s capability modeling tool to build robust business capability models


    Enterprise Information

    Capture a diverse set of enterprise information and metadata and relate it to other entities.


    Value Stream and Processes

    Leverage Capstera’s HTML5 based canvas to compose Value Streams and Business Process Models


    Lenses and Heat Maps

    Create several views, dashboards, and lenses by juxtaposing various elements of Capstera business architecture tool.



    Draft specifications linked to capabilities to evolve and enhance business capabilities.



    Assign key performance indicators at various levels – capabilities, business flows, strategy and


    Subject Areas and Data Entities

    Compile Subject Areas and Data Entities and associate with capabilities and business flows.

Who should use Capstera?

Capstera is a business friendly business architecture tool. The following are some key users who will benefit from Capstera business architecture solution.

  • Business Architects
  • Products/Program/Project Managers
  • Business Analysts and Systems Analysts
  • IT Executives

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